MNCF has been the organizing force behind the growing CWD Action Coalition. This coalition of groups is advocating for the health of our states wild cervids. These cervid animals are currently under threat from the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.

Captive cervid operations have been a major vector for the spread of CWD across Minnesota. The movement of captive animals for the benefit of the captive cervid industry put the health of our wild cervids, our states hunting traditions, and the economy that supports deer hunting at great risk.

For this reason the CWD Action Coaltion is calling for the MN Legislature to enact a moratorium on any new cervid farms in the state, engage currently operating farms in a buyout of the industry, enact a ban on the transport of live cervid animal in the state, and enact a ban on the movement of bodily fluids originating from cervid animals.