MNCF board member, and conservation leader, Keng Yang recently carried out a learn to turkey hunt program that got 10 new hunters out into the field. The program is presented in partnership with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and the Trust for Public Lands.

Participants in the program didn’t simply show up and try to shoot a bird. The program included weeks of preparation and group conversations preparing them to take part in the hunt event. Classes on the North American Model of Conservation, and introduction to hunting gear, turkey hunting tactics and biology, along with an overview of Minnesotas turkey hunting rules and regulations was shared with the students.

The hunt was held on public lands near Beaver Creek Valley state park in the SE Minnesota Driftless region. Participants shared stories of the hunt around a shared campfire at days end. Everyone was eager to get back in the woods the following morning!

MNCF was there to help support the event and make sure that things went smoothly for Keng and other event coordinators. An upcoming grouse hunt will be taking place this fall and MNCF is excited to take part!