On November 30th the MN DNR conducted a capture event focus on removing invasive carp from MN waters. The result was the largest single capture to occur in Minnesota waters. A total of 323 fish were removed from pool 6 of the Mississippi River south of Winona MN. The fish included 96 silver carp, 23 grass carp, and 4 bighead carp. This catch represents the third significant carp incident in this stretch of the river this year alone.

Fortunately there is still time to work toward a future where invasive carp are not present in the states cherished river ways.

Our partners at Friends of the Mississippi River and The Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance are hosting in person and virtual community action meetings to address the threat that these fish present to boaters, fishers, and the economic community that rely on carp free river ways.

Learn more and register to attend a meeting at this link.