Don’t let the modest description of SF2904 fool you. This is an incredibly important conservation victory.

The Minnesota legislature worked together and moved forward a bill that now has the governors signature will affect outdoor recreationists and fisheries enthusiasts for years to come.

Preparing for a new statewide electronic licensing system is not simple. It requires a comprehensive look at state statute to ensure that newly created electronic licenses are legal to use in the field. This bill sets the table for the electronic licensing system in the works now from the Minnesota DNR.

The bill also creates an entirely new class of fish “Native Rough Fish” that better allows our states fisheries managers to conserve populations of native fish that area critical part of aquatic ecosystems in Minnesota.

Thanks to all the members of the MN Conservation community, the MN DNR, and state legislators for laying the groundwork for conservation success in a noncontroversial and bipartisan manner!