The Minnesota Conservation Federations Conservation Leadership Corps (CLC) is an exciting and engaging hands on experience that introduces participants to hunting, fishing, and other outdoor opportunities.

Participants in the program are college students who have an interest in a natural resources major or career but have not had the chance to take part in fishing or hunting activities. Taking part in the CLC provides them with new experiences and information that will help to broaden their understanding of conservation and its connection to those who fish, hunt, and trap.

We strive to create a program that is welcoming and understanding of the backgrounds and values or our participants.

Students accepted into the program must

-be enrolled in a college or university in Minnesota and express an interest in pursing a natural resources based major or career.

-have an interest in, but have not had the chance to experience hunting, fishing, or trapping.

-be open to new experiences, people, and ideas.

2022-23 Conservation Leadership Corp program begins!

A new group of CLC gathered in October to begin their CLC journey. These future conservation leaders came hailed from point across Minnesota and are currently attending the University of Minnesota TC, UMD, and Bemidji State. Conservation mentors for the weekend included Mercedes Akinseye, a member of the MNCF board, and Kelsi LaSharr, a wildlife health specialist with the DNR, and Brad Gausman, Executive Director of MNCF.

Students attending the program learn about the connection between waterfowl hunting and conservation, hear about how to get involved in conservation careers, get an introduction to shotgun shooting, and engage in a hunting opportunity.

Getting in some shotgun practice.

The full 22-23 cohort.