Media contacts: Lynn Mizner, northeast Minnesota forest resource planner, 218-429-3022,; Jon Drimel, DNR northwest Minnesota forest resource planner,  218-308-2381,

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has extended the comment period on alternative harvest scenarios for two northern Minnesota forest management plans.

The comment period for the Northern Superior Uplands plan, which covers the entire arrowhead portion of northeastern Minnesota, is extended until Nov. 9. The Northern Superior Uplands presentation is available at Questions about this plan should be directed to Lynn Mizner at 218-429-3022 or

The comment period for the Northern Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands plan, which covers north-central and northwestern Minnesota, is extended until Nov. 23. The Northern Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands presentation is available at People can direct questions about this plan to Jon Drimel at 218-308-2381 or

The online presentations outline different forest harvest and management scenarios. Input can be provided at the end of the presentation.

This is the public’s opportunity to rate the importance of forest management issues such as sustainable harvest levels, amounts of old growth lowland conifers, and young and old forests as these two forest management plans are prepared. The DNR will use survey responses and comments to help determine future management on DNR-administered lands.

For those unfamiliar with the new forest planning process, the DNR recommends first viewing a presentation that explains recent changes to the process at

The public will have the opportunity to comment again once the draft forest management plans are developed.