Minnesota has a great tradition of conservation action though the wide variety of sportsman and conservation clubs found in all corners of our state. These organizations have long been the backbone of the Minnesota Conservation Federation. Join us and lend your voice to our conservation chorus as we strive to pass along our outdoor traditions and advocate for the wise use of our states natural resources.

Clubs: ( sportsmen and conservation clubs, rod & gun orgs, watershed alliances, etc.) shall be assessed at a rate of $2.00 per members if less than 250 members. If you have 250 or more members, cost is just $250.00.

Member clubs are eligible to elect a voting delegate to MNCF the annual meeting and can attend quarterly board meetings.

Statewide Associations, Federations, and Alliances: shall be assessed a minimum of $250.00 per year.

Please contact Brad Gausman our Executive Director for more information on club memberships.

info@mncf.org or 651-690-3077