Since 1936 the Minnesota Conservation Federation (MnCF) has been the offical Minnesota state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation(NWF). We are proud to be one of the original state affiliate groups that formed after the first NWF conference in 1936. Follow this link to learn more about the history of NWF.

Our affiliation provides the basis for a mutally beneficial relationship between our organizations. We are able to extend our reach and impact beyond our states borders and NWF is able to get real time local information about the conservation issues most affecting the lands, waters, and people of Minnesota.

Within the NWF affliate family affiliates are organized by geographic regions. We are proud to be part of the Great Lakes Region. A distinction we share with five other great lakes region affiliates. They are

Indiana Wildlife Federation
Michigan United Conservation Clubs
Ohio Conservation Federation
Prairie Rivers Network
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation

Frequently asked questions about NWF and MnCF

Q: I already support NWF. Should I also consider being a member of or donate to MnCF?

A: Yes! Like you MnCF is also a member of NWF. We advance their policies when applicable and are proud to share in the excitement of our shared conservation victories. MnCF though is an autonomis organization and we require our own membership and fundraising to continue our tradition of advocating for conservation here in our home state of Minnesota. Please note that your membership with NWF does not mean you are also a member of MnCF. If possible we encourage you to support both organizations.

Q: Does the money I donate to MnCF go back to NWF?

A: No: All donations made to MnCF stay right here in Minnesota. Your generous donations allow us to continue our work in conservation and advocacy for the woods, waters, and wildlife of Minnesota.

Q:Does my membership donation to NWF go to MnCF?

A:No: MnCF is an affiliate of NWF but does not recieve funds when residents of Minnesota support NWF.

Q: Is MnCF’s advocacy of hunting and fishing activies as part of a holistic view of conservation supported by NWF?

A: Absolutely: The NWF affiliate family represents a very broad range of organizations focused on conservation. Although some affiliate organizations focus on aspects of conservation that do not necessarly include hunting and fishing activies many of them do.  Twenty nine NWF affiliates are recognized as Hunter and Angler Affiliates. More information about NWF’s work and conservation intiatives driven by its “outdoor” affiliates can be found here. 

Q:Is hunting and angling the only focus of MnCF’s work?

A: No: Although we love to get in the field our work goes far beyond the deer stand or fishing boat. We advocate for clean water, responsible forest mangagment, and statewide policy initiates that promote the general well being of our states air, soils, and minerals along with its woods, waters, and wildlife. Hunting, angling, and trapping are an important part of our education programming and are highlighted as part of our Conservation Leadership Corps program. Follow the link to learn more about the impact that the CLC program has on our future conservation leaders.

Join or donate to MnCF and NWF today! The impact of your donations will allows both organizations to move conservation forward, together.